Sony Announced Its VR Headset

Sony Announced Its VR Headset

The gaming and electronics firm has made an announcement at the Game Developers conference that the VR system that it is going to launch nicknamed Project Morpheus is going debut in the first half of 2006.

The prototype of the headset was originally was unveiled by Sony Corp. at the last year’s meet of video game developers. The headset works in tandem with the PlayStation 4 console of Sony and camera by covering the vision of the user and simulating virtual worlds on screen.
At the event, the company flaunted an updated version of the VR headset prototype. Whereas it majorly emulates the looks of the prototype inaugurated last year, the new version redistributes the weight towards the back of the head of the user and has a screen that can slide backward and forward to accommodate eyeglasses.

This latest prototype also features a 5.7-inch OLED screen that displays about a 100-degree field of view and is fully capable of offering imagery at up to 120 frames pr second. The exterior of the headset contains nine LED lights that are supposed to track movement.

No price was announced.

“Our goal with VR is to deliver a sense of presence, making the player feel as though they’ve stepped inside the world of a game,” said the president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida.”The new Project Morpheus prototype brings us closer to that goal, as it improves the visual experience and tracking accuracy, both of which are critical to achieving sense of presence.”

The new prototype of the headset that was shown by the company with four technical demonstrations, which included a game that made use of a pair of PlayStation Move controllers to prompt a shootout a lavish building in London and in a much more passive presentation it showed tiny robots responding to the movements of the users.
Sony is counted amongst the gaming and electronics companies working to turn VR a common household name. Valve and HTC are the companies that have announced the plans to launch its Vive VR system to patrons later this year, whereas Oculus VR has yet to unveil when its Oculus Rift headset will be available consumers.

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