Google’s YouTube Soon To Roll Out Kids’ App

YouTube is soon going to launch a new application specifically dedicated to children on Monday in a bid to turn the service safer.

It is certain that YouTube Kids is going to have parental controls and restrictions over the content upload.

The application will be operated independently to the main YouTube services and first of all it will available in the US only but it is assumed that it will be launched in the UK next.

The move has been welcomed by the NSPCC child protection charity.

NSPCC child protection charity has welcomed this move.

The spokesman from the charity has said: “Keeping children safe online is the biggest child protection challenge of this generation. So it’s good to hear about the launch of YouTube Kids.

“I’m sure it will be embraced by parents wanting increased reassurance that their younger children won’t be exposed to inappropriate material.”

With the parental controls one will be able to restrict the amount if time kids can spend watching videos along with a tool enabling the search function to be turned off, it is believed.

The channels and playlist that YouTube Kids will have are sorted into four categories: Music, Learning, Shows and Explore. Users will be able to search for individual topics as well.

The application is going to be free of cost and will be available for Google’s Android devices only.

It is believed that some of the content providers are DreamWorks TV, Jim Henson TV and Mother Goose Club etc.

Shimrit Ben, the product manager at YouTube Kids said: “Parents were constantly asking us, can you make YouTube a better place for our kids.

“We’ve seen 50% growth year over year in viewing time on YouTube, but for our family entertainment channels, it’s more like 200%.”

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