Lenovo Criticized for Preinstalling Spyware

On Thursday, Lenovo faced criticism for preinstalling spyware on some of its laptops.

Superfish named software, makes use of the same techniques cybercriminals often make use of to crack encrypted traffic from computers to the internet.

“Superfish is purposely designed to bypass the security of HTTPS websites in a manner that would allow malware and attackers to also bypass the security provided by HTTPS,” said Cofounder of Bluebox, Adam Ely.

“Users are inherently at risk of being directed to malicious sites that appear valid,” he added, “making it much easier for attackers to steal information and further infect computers with malware.”

Although, security concerns brought forth by malware fighter are disheveled as Lenovo suggested.

“We have thoroughly investigated this technology and do not find any evidence to substantiate security concerns,” was company‚Äôs statement provided to online tech news firm by spokesperson Brion Tingler.

None Tracking Involved

Lenovo explained that Superfish was installed on few consumer notebooks from September to December in the previous year to assist customers potentially locate interesting products when shopping.

According to Lenovo, it had disabled the software on all Lenovo machines and terminated preloading it on new laptops in January after receiving negative feedback from customers.

“We will not preload this software in the future,” the company said.

“To be clear,” it said in its statement, “Superfish technology is purely based on contextual/image and not behavioral. It does not profile nor monitor user behavior,” the company maintained.

“It does not record user information. It does not know who the user is. Users are not tracked nor re-targeted. Every session is independent. Users are given a choice whether or not to use the product,” Lenovo added.

In addition, “the relationship with Superfish is not financially significant; our goal was to enhance the experience for users,” the company said. “We recognize that the software did not meet that goal and have acted quickly and decisively.”


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